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Migration as a Service

With growing business demands, it needs robust and flexible platforms that can accommodate new ventures. YVOLV Cloud Migration enables to bring this feasibility to enterprises to accelerate their growth.

Whether it is migrating from Physical to Cloud (P2C), Virtual to Cloud (V2C), Cloud to Cloud (C2C), YVOLV assists its clients to choose to migrate information to Alibaba Cloud effortlessly. YVOLV offers a wide range of migration services to ensure smooth workflow.

YVOLV Cloud Migration Services

YVOLV Data Migration involves Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service

Database Migration Service

YVOLV Data Migration involves Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) to efficiently transfer information to cloud. The data migration approach may differ from types of database engines, sizes to read-write frequencies. However, migration from local database to Alibaba Cloud Apsara DB is the crucial step. Alibaba Cloud DTS supports:

Heterogeneous Database Migration

Heterogeneous Migration

Alibaba DTS supports heterogeneous migration between data engines. It allows migration from both homogenous platforms such MySQL to MySQL and heterogeneous platforms such as Oracle to MySQL.

Based on your business requirements, there are multiple options available for OLAP database migration. Some of our options include Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS, a self-built database on Alibaba Cloud ECS, a distributed relational database system (DRDS) or a Big Data warehouses ODPS as the target database.

Image and Application Migration

Image and Application Migration

Image migration often involves “mirroring” information, OS (Operating System) and apps from the host to Alibaba Cloud. With this, an identical ECS host instance is created and enable smooth migration process.

Image and Application Migration involves three categories:

Offline Migration Tool

Offline Workload Migration

YVOLV Offline Migration toolkit supports moving from physical Linux or other workloads. The toolkit enables exporting the workloads from VHD formats and import them to Alibaba Cloud. This synchronization platform ensures stability, efficiency, elasticity and at the same time be scalable.

It supports the following formats:

  • Text storage (FTP/SFTP/OSS/Multimedia files)
  • Database (RDS/DRDS/MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL (Memcache/Redis/MongoDB/HBase)
  • Big data (MaxCompute/AnalyticDB/HDFS)
  • MPP database (HybridDB for MySQL)

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