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Managed Services

YVOLV delivers managed cloud services to maintain high efficiency. Leveraging automated models, YVOLV manages the infrastructure provisioning and maintenance of resources, platforms and products through automation models. It allows a holistic view of health of the cloud, cloud availability, identify risks and mitigate them accordingly.

YVOLV Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Providing comprehensive analysis of the cloud deployments, YVOLV Cloud Monitoring drives on important components like CPU utilization, latency and other metrics which are definite to business needs. It removes security threats, network discrepancies and system failure. It alerts the users when threat is identified with the help of Social Networking Service (SNS), Social Messaging Service (SMS) and Instant Messenger/Email features.

With this service, users can automate their cloud monitoring and performance testing of deployments. It screens closely all the cloud resources (Elastic Compute Service, Relational Database Service, Server Load Balancer, Block Storage volumes and tweak deployments) in real time and optimize the tasks.

YVOLV Patch Management service

Patch Management

YVOLV Patch Management service ensures that all servers are patched at regular intervals. As un-patched systems are targets for viruses, malicious code and breaches, YVOLV Patch Management increases security of the patches. It ensures:

  • Constant monitoring of patch sources
  • In-depth analysis of sources
  • Real-time updates
  • Tailored recommendations during patch cycles
  • Report on vulnerabilities and mitigate them
Snapshot Backups

Snapshot Backups

Employing Alibaba Snapshot 2.0, YVOLV significantly improves the input/output performance during block storage snapshot creation. The automatic snapshot policy helps in three dimensions:

Security Hardening

Security Hardening

YVOLV team of professionals examines the server infrastructure to identify security barriers and derive solutions to enhance security. Additional measures are upgraded to lock down the server and enable functioning smoothly.

Security hardening involved installation of recent security technologies to remove risks from the servers. Post penetration and vulnerability tests are some of the activities for security hardening would include:

  • Set password complexity and policies
  • Lock console and require password after defined amount of inactivity
  • Review security log. Set high priority on security log auditing of publicly exposed servers (web, FTP, DNS, etc.)
  • Restructure FTP access to enhance security
  • Evaluate primary firewall
  • Restructure SSH configuration
YVOLV Availability Monitoring service

Manage Availability Monitoring

YVOLV Availability Monitoring service is responsible for detecting responsiveness of local ports and send alerts when the response changes it behavior or when an error occurs. While YVOLV’s Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure is built on high redundancy, availability monitoring identifies the service availability on the platform.

It provides deep visibility into critical performance parameters of our resources and proactive insight into all infrastructure areas.

Database Management

Database Management

YVOLV Database Management include comprehensive database administrative services for Alibaba Cloud. Our team of database professionals establish flexible and scalable database environments to meet specific business needs.

The service undertakes designing the plan, implementation, administration, support, maintenance and recovery during critical operations. It ensures monthly reporting of performance, performance management, real-time monitoring, security, backup and recovery management to promote accountability, efficiency and security.

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