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Digital Transformation

As the world is constantly empowered with digital disruption, we assist businesses to become a part of this revolution by modernizing your platforms and establishing innovative ways to reach your targets. We provide Digital Transformation Consulting, Digital Strategy Development. To help businesses innovate, drive business efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Digital technologies are rapidly changing the way business is done. Successful businesses are capturing this new technology innovation to explore new ways to grow. At YVOLV, we aim to simplify digital transformation by aligning emerging digital strategies to organizations’ requirements.

YVOLV Digital Transformation Services

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience Design

Engaging experiences of customers brings credibility to your brand. Aligning with your vision, YVOLV creates a UX design that attracts, serves and delights your customers.

We determine how the user will perceive and interact with your product or service on digital platforms and create user personas. While engaging in this holistic approach to user experience design, we map the user journey across devices (mobile, tablets, PCs, etc.) to comprehend the specific needs of users. Based on the derived needs, user experience components are personalized using latest technologies like cognitive computing and machine learning to individual level.

Web & Mobile App Design and Development

Web/Mobile App Development

With data-centric decisions, we help you in creating your business online. We coordinate with you to derive strategies to implement web/mobile solutions to build robust platforms for your business.

We build websites, web apps and mobile apps (both for iOS and Android) on cloud with custom design to cater to your business needs. Our team of experts help you innovate your business with tailored technology solutions. Using PHP/MySQL, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, HTML5, Drupal and other digital disruptive technologies, we develop web/apps to streamline your operations digitally.

Digital Transformation Consulting Services & Solutions

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation is an intricate process and intertwined with multiple digital technologies that are constantly evolving. One wrong move can affect your position in this competitive landscape.

YVOLV believes that digital transformation is primary to any business. With thought leaders being involved at every step, we assist businesses to take well-thought, carefully planned initiatives to shoot their products/services globally.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The world is harnessing more sensors, more data and more power every second. We collaborate with businesses to “connect” their idea to the real world.

Our IoT professionals help to build a robust ecosystem to connect people, processes and products. Customizing IoT products to your business needs, we, at YVOLV, energize assets to next level.

We further drive insights from best practices and involve in building an IoT product that best suits your business.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data

With the amount of data that organizations produce every day, it is important that the organizations employ data management strategy to enhance the processes.

YVOLV enables businesses to make smart decisions when it comes to data management. We implement cost-effective methods to streamline the data to maintain feasibility and availability. Engineering a well-thought big data strategy, we help organization to ensure scalability and readiness. We focus on:

  • Designing the right approach for acquiring data
  • Turn it into practical insights
  • Derive solutions
  • Allow data Risk Mitigation and
  • Manage data

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