Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling: A Way for Operational Efficiency in Business

November 21, 2018 Cloud Computing 0 Comments

Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling: A Way for Operational Efficiency in Business

Do you have a website for your business? Or, do you have an application where most of your business run?

If yes, it is inevitable that the speed of your website/application varies depending on the increase or decrease of your visitors. This can add pressure on your physical servers. The major concern with these physical and traditional servers is that if the website traffic increases, it becomes essential that you need more servers to deal with the growing traffic.

And, if the peak time of your businesses passes, and you don’t need the servers anymore. What would you do them?

Moreover, these unused servers demand maintenance including security, software updates, and  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Do you want to deal with this hassle?

Thanks to virtual servers such as Alibaba Cloud and others. They allow scalability and agility to meet today’s demands of the businesses.  It comes with rich automation capabilities. It is highly cost-effective and adjusts gracefully with dynamic patterns of businesses. It allows “resources to automatically be provisioned into the computing system during demand”- autoscaling.

Scalability is the “measure of the number of users it can effectively support at the same time.” Cloud auto-scaling aligns best  with the requirements of the modern business and promotes extreme flexibility. Want to know how?

Let’s see how Alibaba Cloud Autoscaling  enhances business operational efficiency:

Zero human intervention

 You may choose to go to the cloud vendor’s web-hosted management, lower or increase your usage manually. This may decrease the cloud bill. But, automation of the processes optimizes better. The automation receives signals from the cloud services and responds accordingly to specific demand. And, this process requires no human intervention or very minimum which may require in setting the business hours and non-business hours.

No capital expenditure and pay only for what you use

Auto-scaling does not demand any initial investment. It does not include any charge of integrating and configuring with other services. Alibaba Cloud Computing provides Infrastructure as a Service, you can pay only when required. The instances in the cloud are setup with minimum effort.  With auto-scaling, you can run your website or application and include more resources as and when required.

The costs involved in auto-scaling are more flexible than any traditional method. Moreover, you do not have invest in the physical equipment of servers.

Lets you not to lose any customer

Traditional computing includes rigid servers. They cannot accommodate anything more than they can do. Either businesses have to buy additional servers and keep them ready during the peak time, or lose the customers. Customers are the key to any business success. And, no business, whether you are a large or medium business owner, you do not want to lose any customer. With auto-scaling elasticity and availability, businesses can work smoothly and effectively. Most cloud providers are extremely reliable and ensure availability for every customer.

Performance optimization and overall agility

The major challenge of bringing a business idea to deployment is the infrastructure and environment it is built on.  Cloud auto-scaling bridges the digital divide while anticipating the challenges and opportunities before they even occur. It builds robust business eco-system and promotes collaboration and creates an “expansive environment”. By automatically deploying or re-deploying resources based on the requirement, cloud auto-scaling allows high-end business agility.

Auto-scaling ensures your data security

You may wonder, “is auto-scaling secure enough for my business?” Well, cloud auto-scaling does not compromise on security. Even though the files are accessed remotely from any devices, cloud ensures robust security and builds a firewall against different breaches.

Smart Scheduling and Monitoring

Alibaba Cloud Autoscaling supports intelligent scheduling of multiple scenarios as per the requirement. It allows the computing resources to adapt to various scaling policies and automate smart adjustment. In case, you would like monitor it manually, it let’s all your resources under your control.  If an unhealthy instance is identified, the cloud automatically remove the defective one with a new instance and allow a smooth functioning.

Auto-scaling is the answer to all the modern businesses’ challenges. It is efficient, economical, and requires low maintenance. It enhances productivity and ensures a seamless workflow of your business.

Do you want to your business achieve this agility and efficiency?

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