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Analytics & Big Data

YVOLV understands the role of data and analytics in organizations’ growth and adopts latest technology innovations to empower organizations with big data analytics. Deriving strategies from the best practices, YVOLV offers an array of Analytics & Big Data Services.

YVOLV Analytics & Big Data Services

Alibaba Cloud Elastic MapReduce

E-MapReduce Service

Enhanced usability, flexibility and easy integration makes Alibaba E-MapReduce Service efficient. YVOLV assists business adopt this tool to create clustered data as required within a few minutes. The feature of releasing clusters, one after another when achieved desired pattern (trend analysis, data warehousing, and analysis of continuously streaming data), makes the job simpler.

It enables provisioning, configuration and tuning of these Hadoop clusters for automatic deployment. With pay-as-you-go model, it lets you use ECS instance as you require. Moreover, it can be integrated with all Alibaba Cloud products at ease.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute


Autonomously developed by Alibaba Cloud, YVOLV provides a Big Data processing platform, MaxCompute for batch structural data storage. In order to provide a massive data warehouse solution, this Big Data model can be employed to accomplish required analysis.

It includes Batch and Historical Data Tunnel, Real-time, Incremental Data Tunnel, 2D Table Data Storage and Computing - SQL, MapReduce, Graph prompting security of data at every step. It reduces more 20 percent of procurement costs often involved in self-established clouds.

Alibaba Cloud, DataWorks


Delivered by Alibaba Cloud, DataWorks revolves around providing Big Data development, leveraging offline job scheduling and management of data permissions. It relieves businesses from understanding complex and strenuous processes in cluster establishment and operations management.

It plays a major role in Data Production, Data Development, and Data Presentation & Sharing. It promotes programming and debugging of different codes to enable code auto-completion, code formatting, code version management and collaborative development. Further, it undertakes task scheduling and data management.

Alibaba Cloud Quick BI

Quick BI

Data Analytics, Exploration and Reporting of large amounts of data with simple dimensions and graphics, Quick BI incorporates new generation of business intelligence services on cloud. Allowing businesses to make informed data-driven decisions, YVOLV Quick BI brings data sources to the region.

It has the ability to convert the available data sources to multi-faceted analytics models. Defining calculated fields, it supports different semantics such as snowflake schema, star schema, and measures while visualizing them on dashboards.

Alibaba Cloud DataV


Alibaba DataV tool is a powerful and most feasible tool for data presentation. With rapid analysis of mass data to derive patterns and correlations, DataV showcases the information on a user-friendly interface.

It enables businesses to monitor data and present data as it receives, to identify seamless opportunities for business to grow and evolve with critical data. It organizes the data in structured pattern and enhance decision-making processes.

Alibaba Cloud Image Search

Image Search

YVOLV Image Search Service helps users to manage image search requests and make the search an intelligent one. This Alibaba Cloud Image Search recognizes similar images from the mass data and allow users to take screenshots or upload image to find relevant products.

It writes more than 10 billion searchable images and allow image accuracy with cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning/Deep Learning. It is most beneficial to e-commerce and similar platforms. This can be further customised to specific business requirements.

Intelligent Service Robotics

Intelligent Service Robot

YVOLV’s Alibaba Intelligent Service Robots makes business smarter at every instant with a dialog platform. Building using Natural Language Processing (NLP), these smart robots allows intelligent dialogs on websites, mobile applications as well as robotic-client dialogs.

Businesses can facilitate self-service and enable task-automation. They, further, allow Multi-channel Support (mobile apps, web pages, and official accounts), Multiple Instances (different user groups), Knowledge Engineering (Smart Knowledge Base), Multi-round Dialog Support (multiple responses and tasks to be handled by bots), Task Automation and with Multi-language Support. These robots can be integrated during order search, shipping tracking and returns.

Alibaba Cloud Dataphin


YVOLV’s Alibaba Dataphin is an innovative approach to create data smartly. Managing at Exabyte Scale, it is employs Alibaba’s OneData, OneID & OneService technologies to empower enterprise operate effectively in this data-driven world.

It allows data integration, warehouse modeling, identity and profile distilling, asset management and other data services. It allows users to compile data from different environments and build rich profiles. It manages all the data resources of the organization and ensure data application performance.

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform For AI

Machine Learning Platform for AI

YVOLV in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud provides end-to-end Machine Learning solutions to organizations across the globe. Major services include:

  • Data Processing
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Training
  • Model Prediction
  • Model Evaluation

Employing high-end cognitive computing, YVOLV makes it accessible for businesses to adopt Machine Learning Platforms. Enterprise-level machine learning data modeling and applications are build to nurture organizational growth. A myriad of algorithm components are integrated in regression, classification, clustering, text analysis, finance, and time series to create complete workflow.

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